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 Setting and World Rules

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Setting and World Rules Empty
PostSubject: Setting and World Rules   Setting and World Rules Empty01/02/13, 06:33 pm

Since The Hierarchy and its forces took over the earth in 2015, the planet has not and never will be the same...

Clouds constantly cover up the sky, leaving the planet much colder and darker then it was before. The average temperature during the day can usually be compared to something like walking outside at night during a cool fall season, while temperatures at night drop down into the negatives. The level of light during the day, however, can be compared to something like this while it turns pitch black at night. In addition to the clouds, the atmosphere of the planet has changed as well and the landscape is constantly ravaged by storms. The air here is now both artificial and slightly poisonous - rendering it unwise to be outside for prolonged periods of time without some form of protection (such as a mask with air filters). Meanwhile, the harsh conditions of this new Earth frequently let off dangerous and highly toxic storms. Passing through one of these violent storms can easily rob even one of the biggest extraterrestrials of its strength and makes it difficult, even painful, to breathe.

Down on the planet's surface, the landscape has been forever changed into an infertile desert. Plants that once kept the soil from blowing around like dust devil have been permanently uprooted, terrestrial animals like dogs and cats have been eradicated, human structures have collapsed, civilizations have been replaced, and only 5% of humanity remains after a war that only lasted less then five hours. Now, the only things that live outside in the barren wasteland are the hostile extraterrestrials and a few, underground civilizations where humans have attempted to try and survive without the Hierarchy-ruled Sectors.

Sectors are, of course, what replaced human capitols after surface-towns and cities had been demolished by The Hierarchy. Notable for the huge, white walls that surround and protect them, Sectors are where most of humanity survives after the war and are specifically designed to keep them in one general location until a use for them can be found. Unfortunately, a few humans keep slipping through the doors in the walls and escaping into the desert. The same thing happened with aliens coming in and wreaking havoc until force-fields were added to the Sector's defenses. These force-fields are also known to keep storms out but, due to the nature of The Hierarchy's forces, they can't keep humans in.

Other notable features about Sectors are the two interconnected skyscrapers that reside in the heart of every city (these skyscrapers, which are called [wipname], are the epicenters of The Hierarchy's forces on earth) and the surprising lack of proper houses. Instead, Sectors have apartment-like buildings called "Blocks". The housing units inside of Blocks usually consist of only a bed (or two if the human/serev is sharing their room with someone else), a kitchen, and a bathroom. Aside from that, there's not much else to these housing units, but resident(s) are permitted to keep one or two personal belongings with them if they must. Any more that specific number will be considered a crime and, if caught, the resident(s) will be detained for a specific amount of time or even killed by Civil Protection.

As for life inside of a sector, many human-like buildings can still be found within their walls - such as hospitals, several cafes and restaurants (all of which serve artificial food), a "police station" for Civil Protection and a "jail" of sorts for civilians that have committed crimes (whenever now or in the past). As for civilians, their typical day usually consists of being starved, beaten and persecuted (sometimes even for no reason) and at the end of every week they will receive a kind of currency consisting of "tokens". (I still have yet to figure out what determines how many tokens a civilian yet) While tokens can get you many different things and make life easier or more interesting, only specific kinds of tokens will get you specific kinds of things (IE, food tokens can only get you food - trying to use them for anything else is stupid and will usually be considered a crime). This even continues into the underground towns that dot the barren landscape...

Because of the hostile conditions of the surface world, many of towns have resorted to being built or rebuilt underground and can only grow to a specific size lest they want to end up on The Hierarchy's radar (and risk having them come in and destroy everything). Towns these days are only assessable by above-ground doors (all of which are cleverly hidden or hidden in such a way that you have to be looking for it to find it) and are usually regarded as safe havens from The Hierarchy's rule. Since many of its residents consist of humans that knew of life before The Hierarchy came and took over, towns have more human-like buildings then Sectors do and are usually regarded as being more colorful and free (unless it comes to currency, as has been mentioned above).

This next thing has changed in the opinions of some and yet, in others', it hasn't really changed. Here, we are talking about water. While weather patterns that relate to water, like rain and snow, no-longer exist (well, only in the far, far north and/or south does snow still exist) - water is still very much abundant on this barren, desert planet. However, like the air, water these days is slightly poisonous and can only be found in things like swamps, lakes, oceans, and in springs (which cause quicksand problems said springs are underground yet too close to the surface). Thankfully, drinking water won't kill you unless you drink too much in one sitting (but at that point you're more likely to die from rupturing your stomach then you are to die of said poison). Bodies of water are also regarded as unnaturally dark (due to the clouds blocking the sun, barely any light pierces the surface of the water anymore) and empty, except for a few extraterrestrials that make their homes here instead of on land.

Last but not least are the "anomalies" (or "rifts" as they are sometimes called) that plague the planet. Its unknown about whenever or not rifts are a natural occurrence in space-time or if they are something The Hierarchy made or brought with them from their own galaxy. The latter seems unlikely, however, as anomalies tend to bring in unauthorized beings and/or unwanted objects things from somewhere in space/time. Thankfully, the majority of anomalies only seem to be restricted to a certain time frame and are most commonly found somewhere on or around earth. Due to the lack of teleportation technology available to them, Rebellion members tend to make use of these anomalies to escape The Hierarchy's forces (neither soldiers nor elites or assassins will even GO into these things) and will occasionally do so with dire consequences (such as ending up in the middle of the ocean or 1000 feet into the air).
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Setting and World Rules
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