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 Religions of Lambistia

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Religions of Lambistia Empty
PostSubject: Religions of Lambistia   Religions of Lambistia Empty21/11/14, 02:52 pm

The setting of Lambistia is one where there are many faiths, and many faithful. Belief in high powers and supernatural threats runs deep through the culture of the known world and influence most aspects of life. In (???) nearly all children are raised praising either the new gods or the old and fear of the Others coming to claim them if they misbehave. Across the forbidden sea, children are often given to be raised to priesthood of one of the many deities worshipped there. Little is known about the actual deities and their powers, so far only (???) has been shown to possess real power and influence the world directly.

Lambistia has relatively few significant religions. They include:

  • (Ase religion?)
  • The Pantheon (or the Old Gods) are gods from a world long gone. A polytheistic religion, they are deities worshiped from all over Lambistia but are gradually fading out. They are the oldest religion in Lambistia and are further divided into categories of "Egyptian", "Greek", "Roman", and so forth.
  • The Old Ones (the Old Whisperings, the Elder Gods, the Old Lords, the Outer Gods, or the Dread Elders) are mysterious, godlike and greatly malefic horrors which ruled in tyranny over the primordial universe. When the universe was reborn, they were sequestered outside of the mundane universe by Ase's hands. Only very few mortals have ever been aware of the Old Gods' existence and fewer still consider them anything more than ominous myths from a time before time began; the rumor of a dread and ancient past that should forever stay forgotten to the mortal races.
  • The Gods of the Black Woods (or the Eleven Divine)
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Religions of Lambistia
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