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 Information and Categorization on the Fair Folk

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Information and Categorization on the Fair Folk Empty
PostSubject: Information and Categorization on the Fair Folk   Information and Categorization on the Fair Folk Empty14/02/15, 06:19 pm

Information on Seelie and Unseelie Courts; Deities of Fey


Adhene - A mostly mischievous fairy being. (Isle of Man)

Banshee - A female spirit or fairy being who cries out in the night to warn of impending death. (Irish)

Brownie - A small fairy being that helps out with household chores during the night in exchange for room and board. (Scottish)

Cat Sith - A cat that is as large as a dog and all black with the exception of a white spot on its chest. (Celtic)

Changeling - A non-human child that has been left in the place of a stolen human child.

Cù Sìth - A dark green or white dog with a braided tail that's the size of a young bull. (Scottish)

Dullahan - A headless humanoid faerie, usually seen riding a black horse and carrying their head. (Irish) [Unseelie Court]

Dryad - A forest nymph, each one born to live with and protect a certain tree. (Greek, Roman)

Dwarf - A small humanoid living mostly underground in cold mountain regions all over the world. (Netherlands)

Each-uisge - A supernatural water horse found in the Highlands of Scotland. It is similar to the kelpie, but far more vicious. (Scottish)

Elemental - A nature spirit that represents one of the four elements: earth, fire, air, or water. (Greek)

Elf - A small mythical being with magical powers. (English, German, Norse)

Gnome - An elemental being that governs and exists within the Earth. (Greek)

Goblin - A malformed creature related to the fae. (European)

Gremlin - A mischievous creature that causes machinery to malfunction.

Imp - A small mischievous demon related to the fairy. (European)

Jinni - An invisible shapeshifter that can appear in the form of a human or an animal. (Middle Eastern)

Kelpie - A shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland. (Scottish)

Leprechaun - A small self appointed guardian of ancient treasures related to the elf. (Irish)

Mermaid - A being with an upper body that resembles a human and a fish-like lower body. (Prevalent)

Nature Spirit - A being that embodies an aspect of nature. (Prevalent)

Nuckelavee - A skinless creature that resembles a horse and its humanoid rider, fused into a single hideous being of rage and sickness. (Orcadian)

Nymph - A female nature goddess or spirit. (Greek, Roman)

Pari - A beautiful fairy born of fire. (Persian)

Pixie - A tiny wingless being related to the fairy. (English)

Púca - A shapeshifting phantom fairy creature that can take animal or human form. (Irish)

Puck - A mischievous nature spirit or demon.

Redcap - A type of malevolent murderous dwarf, goblin, elf or fairy that dyes their hats with their victims' blood (from which they get their name). (English) [Unseelie]

Sprite - A small, usually winged fairy being. (European)

Sylph - An elemental being that governs and exists within the element air. (Greek)

Troll - A humanoid being that that lives far from human habitation and whose appearance varies greatly by region. (Scandinavian)

Urisk - A grotesque yet friendly elf-like being of Scotland. (Scottish)

Wichtlein - An unsightly goblin that announces death by knocking three times. (German)
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Information and Categorization on the Fair Folk
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