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 Headcanons I think would work

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Headcanons I think would work Empty
PostSubject: Headcanons I think would work   Headcanons I think would work Empty11/04/15, 11:42 am

literally me just being a fucko 

I bet mael has a strong facination in watching ryiah sleep for some reason. it just seems like him. Maybe making sure shes asleep before he goes to sleep

Ase silently likes to watch simple farming lives of poorer people down on Lambastia intensely. Like a king, supervising his civilians. 

He almost never checks up on the rich folk.
Ryiah sometimes hoardes random items and takes them off somewhere to not be found. And whenever confronts about it she simply stares at him and changes the subject. If he persists she just tilts her head at the person asking repeating 'what?'
malexmale fusion mage, most/all of their offspring die, femalexfemale, die, male x female, most die and a few survive) simply because of very unstable genetics
Ryiah sometimes disappears from the bed in the middle of the deep night and just sitting in a nearby chair. Just sitting there. Staring blankly. Perhaps reflecting on life. But it always probably makes her look menacing if mael wakes up, just in this dead stare off towards the wall.
Ryiah when shes not being creepy as shit ruins a pillow every week by tearing it up somehow. Nails, or her sharp teeth. And its usually in her sleep. She seems to be in pain when she throws one of those pillow-destroying fits. Probably all her guilt from destroying all those lives back when she didnt know what or how to understand emotions
Ase likes to use his eye-tail as a pillow. Dont worry, they arent wet like normal eyes. They cant blink anyway. I just imagine they are squishy like a plastic balloon made of jelly.
Ase's mane grows super poofy when hes happy/aka expands to the point where he looks like a ridiculous poofball that can barely hold up his upperbody
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Headcanons I think would work
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