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 Structural Information on the Yeenadlooshi Tribe

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Structural Information on the Yeenadlooshi Tribe Empty
PostSubject: Structural Information on the Yeenadlooshi Tribe   Structural Information on the Yeenadlooshi Tribe Empty22/05/15, 07:47 pm

This text was recovered by a group of teenagers in modern day, found in an old fishing hut hidden in the trees in 2024. The book is unable to be told by a certain year. No further information is known, but wide debate in the supernatural community has begged for research, but evidence has came up inconclusive.

In the text it describes; the Yeenadlooshi tribe. A tribe rumored in old texts and journals but never talked about. The most complicated thing on the tribe was a paragraph written in -insert name here-'s guide to Canadian Indians saying; The Yeenadlooshi tribe is a mysterious, illusive tribe which has avoided contact to modern day. Many say these beings have disappeared without a trace but many other claims there is more supernatural means afoot. Once thought to be shapeshifters, the indian tribes who used to live around the area details that the word 'Yeenadlooshi' means 'He who walks on all fours.'
--In the journal; it is written:

Yeenadlooshi Tribe is a northern Canadian tribe which was very seldom seen or known of until the early 1700s. It was said that these indians were known for living vast ammounts of time, outliving other humans by vast ammounts of years. One specimen researched once brought to Maine had claimed to live for over 200 years, but merely looked like a well exercised fifty year old. It was rumored that in times of extreme stress, they would turn into a large wolf like beast and attempt in a frenzy to return to the outdoors. Seemingly able to call the attention of wild life, they were truly mystical beings shying away from society. The wolves would generally stand at the shoulder 185-250 CM. 

These beings would have a natural love of the wilderness and would generally feed on the bear population. Noteably; in recent times I have studied that they have remarkbly deep and complicated relations, just like humans. Families all under one tribe. As legend states; the first member of this tribe was supposed a deformed baby born with a wolf like snout and sharp ears to a woman who cheated on her husband with a strange man. But speculated to be just a legend at the expense of the tribe as a warning against sex before marriage, no clear orgins can be traced at this time. These giant wolves have a very comlpicated hunting system that ranges to even keeping cattle. There seems to be different ranks depending upon what is painted on their pelts and arms.

Noticeably; those with circles with a single dot on their arms are herders. They do not go on hunts and generally stay with livestock to tend to them, and to butcher them when time comes.

If a line is through said circle, they seem to be leaders of that job. A boss, of such.

Those with two bars lining under their eyes are fierce fighters, who besides their normal job (if they have one) will gladly come to aid.
A single bar, with a dot underneath it, seem to hold the same relevance as two bars, but are trainees and generally stay in the back.

A triangle, with a single dot, a T with a second line underneath it, means a babysitter. Pups, or  babies generally flock around these beings even if their parents are around. Could be described as nannies.

Those with an X of any sort are generally known as teachers.

To note, there is no set rules or laws set on how long they will stay in which form. Generally it is a matter of what appears to be preference. However, their eyes tell a strong story. Normally they are simply one base color. But if they have more defined pupils, they are in their human form more. If they have a gradiant in their eyes, they are very often in their wolf form.

These beigns can transform into three seperate forms. Man, Dog, or Wolf. These dogs are generally the size of regular dogs or smaller. The man forms have no set size or standard and are all different.

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Structural Information on the Yeenadlooshi Tribe
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