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 AESITA - 3301

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All-encompassing Endangerment Special Interrogation Tactics Assembly

What the public knows:

In 1914 a company by the name of AESITA was created. Thought to be a simple banking system to help poor people find jobs while still having complete control of their money; as time went on the group got less and less popular until finally at some point in the late 1920s it had disappeared completely. When the Great Depression hit the group was long gone, or so they thought. Over 80 years later a mysterious hijacking broadcast was sent out across all channels; known today as the '3301 incident' where a man with a calm and gentle voice repeated a long string of numbers followed by the following.

'Hello people of the world.'

'[Heavy static]'

'I am 3301. I am a member of A-E-S-I-T-A. Do not be alarmed.'


'Our organization will be sending out recruitment messages in the next odd amount of years. We are in search of intelligent minds. Please be prepared for us.'

[The number 3301 appears on a white backdrop in black colors.]

'[Static fading back into normal broadcast]'

-End message-

This message translated to anywhere with even the most remote languages with a TV. At the time it was a big red flag going off and many were scared that this was some sort of world domination scheme. Sense it is the fictional universes equivalent of the Illuminati. In 2012 the Cicada 3301 conspiracy began. Only one man is known to have been able to publicly solve it. In 2018 a man by the name of Andrew Dickson had put himself under constant surveillance and constant guard and began to solve the puzzle. Gaining help from a frighted government, he cracked the code back to the source. The source they had linked back to was an oddly placed building out in northern Wisconsin with nothing more than a large silver cicada statue inside. While the government took the statue away; assuming it to be another clue, Andrew separated from the group briefly to go to the bathroom out in the woods. He never returned.  AESITA has been declared a threat on international security sense then. Two months after the disappearance; in a public notice a supposed AESITA source stepped forth; as a young unknown man from Flordia named Rodney King; who had a job as a cashier. He noticeably spoke with an Egyption accent despite being from Flordia and born American. He claimed AESITA had no involvement of the disappearance of the missing man; but they did not appreciate what was happening to their puzzles and therefor they would only be submitting them to chosen individuals from now on. Rodney king was brought in for questioning and mysteriously dropped dead in the interrogation room ten minutes after being brought in. Till this day their true purpose is unknown and remain one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the world.

The silver Cicada was later attempted to be broken open only for the inside to reveal a human skeleton, curled up in the sleeping position. While it was identified to be a human male the identity is unknown and DNA research shows no conclusive matches. In his hand clutched a single box. inside the reinforced box was a note containing the numbers 3301.
The secret stuff: 

The organization is a mysterious protection agency that pulls at the puppet strings of nations across the globe. They work under the command of agent 3301; or the past memory of him, as he had passed away some time after the broadcast of 3301 from an ailing heart and was wishfully encased in a silver cicada, which was written in his will to his company. But his leadership is now under the command of a new leader; 3302. 

AESITA is a secret organization geared towards keeping a mismatched group of people safe as all times and being a higher dealing information group. Filled to the brim with experienced hackers and brilliant minds able to break any code; they mainly keep restraints on the general public and also delve into supernatural occurrences.

When Emily was in her prime as a wallstreet mastermind; she was contacted by AESITA in the form of a small white package in the mail. Looking into it; it contained a series of cryptic puzzles that detailed her not to go out and tell anyone. With humor; she followed the puzzle until she was brought back to the very start, where the answer had been all along; and was recruited. Emily was contacted for her intellect, and the fact she had the monopoly over wallstreet in general; working as an overseer to almost every company behind the scenes. AESITA wanted to take her job one step higher. 

She was trained in self defense which she excelled in thanks to a certain father's unreasonable strength genetics. 

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AESITA - 3301
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