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 Gacha Imp Markings

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Marking ranking: Very Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary.

Facial Markings

Crescent - An uncommon marking among Gacha Imps. It is a patch of color that forms underneath the imp's eyes in a crescent.

Hood - The gacha imp's head from the shoulders up is all one solid color. It is an uncommon marking.

Masked - An uncommon marking that covers the entirety of the Imp's face.

Muzzle - A very common marking among Gacha Imps. It is exactly what the name implies and must cover the nose.

Sunglasses - An uncommon marking that encircles the imp's eyes.

Body Markings

Bellied - Bellied is a very common marking among Gacha Imps. It covers the entire stomach and may extend to parts of the arms and legs.

Blaze Belly - Blaze belly is a common marking among Gacha Imps. It does NOT cover the entire stomach and runs from the stomach down.

Dash - Dash is a rare marking among Gacha Imps. It is expressed in flecks of color that matches the Imp's gel.

Snowshoes - Snowshoes are a common marking. It covers the hocks, bottoms, and toes of Gacha Imps and are usually light in color.

Stripes - Stripes are very common among Gacha Imps and run horizontally along the body. May sometimes be expressed as a Full Body Marking.

Full Body Markings

Blanket - An uncommon marking that's one solid color all over the imp's back.

Lynx/Sphinx - An uncommon marking among Gacha Imps. It is expressed as a ticked marking all over the Imp's back and ears.

Vandal - (Trying to figure out how to name. Might be rare or uncommon. Danny has it.)

Variegated - A rare marking that consists of a hood with patches of color going down the gacha imp's back.
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Gacha Imp Markings
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