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 Dragons of Lamb (The old world)

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Dragons of Lamb (The old world) Empty
PostSubject: Dragons of Lamb (The old world)   Dragons of Lamb (The old world) Empty17/06/15, 01:21 pm

Lamb was the first version of Lambastia, home to the first beings; humans, and many other creatures. One of these creatures was the great and mighty dragons. Spreading awe and inspiration. Here is where they will be listed.

Vulbeynjun - Dark Scorned Queen

Vulbe was once defined as queen of the dragons, she was a young beautiful one with scales of cream, red, and black and was an absolute beauty to behold. Kind, yet stern in her ways she had many, many offspring. Once one of her many offspring had taken over, she became a nanny of sorts to young dragons in her kingdom. But she knew there were many other sufferings outside the giant supervolcano the dragon population called home. She would go out searching everyday for any orphaned eggs she would find, and bring them back to the kingdom. Eventually she had found a egg made of crystal, a rare find indeed, but she was approached by ad dark skinned man. Confused; she craned her neck down to him as he spoke. He wanted to egg. The chuckled at the insane want; and flew off. After it was settled with the others back at the volcano, she flew out once again, only to notice the man at the base of the volcano. Deciding this had to stop she landed and questioned what he was doing. He demanded the egg; and she refused once again. The last thing she remembers was a black tendril slashing through her body and stealing something from her. Then just blackness.
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Dragons of Lamb (The old world)
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