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 Blackwood-Verse Angels

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[opening description]. Angels live on the highest tier of existence. They are about as old as existence itself or very nearly.

((Add stuff?)))

Physical Qualities

Angels are essentially "lesser" Eldritch Abominations that can take on a human form, but the differ in many ways from a human. Their true forms tend towards the appearance of skyscraper-sized humanoids, but then they descend into multi-eyed beasts, abstract shapes, nanoviruses, and formless... things.


((Angels belonging to lower-tier mages (aka Pisces and stuff) are probably more benevolent to humans while higher-tier mage angels probably don't care for the matters of humanity.))

Relationship between Angels and Mages

Angels are divided between noble houses of various sizes, depending on which mage they are affiliated with. ((Occasionally, angels from one house may be given to a mage from a different house as a gift? -- either that or the mage bargains/fights for them))

Of course, despite their closeness with mages, not all angels are safe from their influence. Merely looking upon a mage's true form can still drive the most powerful Seraphim insane and some mages (if not their servitors and children) will feast upon angels from either their own house or from another's.

((Lies are the "Putty" left over when a angel is born. The extra space junk and magic created when an angel is born is what makes a lie. They appear a few hours after birth. The bigger/more powerful the angel, the more lies will spawn.))


Angels are born the same way as Humans (unless they're not and they're birthed from an object during a grand ceremony) and seem to have nearly identical courtship rituals involving marriage. While they are able to be killed, angels are immortal beings and are not made of flesh and blood. Rather, angels are living manifestations of (light and sound?, and soar on wings of light itself?)

Angels tend to explode violently when they die, so deathbeds are typically outdoors and at high elevations (with friends and family below). All that remains after an angel explosion is a star.

Like Mages, Angels do not reincarnate when they die.

Powers and Abilities


Seraphim are the highest order of angels and the ones closest to their house's Mage. These angels are responsible for (maintaining the house when the mage is gone?). They are the rarest kind of angel and, as such, have a tendency to be treated as celebrities by their own kind. This order can not be reached by maturation; an angel must be born into it. These angels have six wings, four of which are used to cover themselves. Their name means "burning ones". ((Traditionally, the reason they have six wings is to cover their true form, which is so bright and glorious that all who gaze upon it (sometimes including lesser angels) are incinerated instantly. They are also associated with snakes (their name is a corruption of "sarap," "fiery," more often than not connected with the word "nahash," "serpent"), and are outrightly described as draconic in appearance.))

Cherubim are mainly overseers and consultants. They watch over the angels in heaven and report their findings to the Seraphim. They also deliver messages from Seraphim to the lower ranked angels through visions. This order can not be reached by maturation; an angel must be born into it. (These angels have four faces - a lion on the right, an ox on the left, a human forward, and an eagle backward. They have four wings, with HANDS under the wings, their legs described as simply "straight", and they have hooves. Also, the eyes. Everywhere. Even in the spaces between the eyes. Traditionally, they function as personal guards and guardians of temples.) The exact meaning of "Cherubim" has been lost to time.

Thrones angels are judgement angels. They are not all-knowing but they are all-seeing. In difficult court verdicts, a throne will be summoned to make a decision or conjure last-minute evidence. This order can not be reached by maturation; an angel must be born into it. They have the most alien physical descriptions of all the angels: wheels nested within wheels, intersecting with themselves and constantly spinning in up to four directions at once, with rims covered in eyes. They may be "beryl-colored" (probably a greeny-yellow) and/or on fire.





Archangels are the third highest class a regular angel can reach through maturation/training. Archangels are basically supervisors to the regular angels. Most of them are either Guardian Angels or Necessity Angels but there are some archangels who do nothing but serve the upper ranks. ((Traditionally, archangels often embody a particular function or idea, such as healing, justice, or politics.))

Angels are the lowest class in the angelic hierarchy. They are the ordinary inhabitants of Heaven; if something needs doing, these are the guys who generally do it. Their roles can range from guardian to house servant or peasant. Most angels in this class are working to find a way out of this class as the conditions can be less than favorable. ((Especially if a being like Hector comes along and tries to enjoy his favorite snack *HIT*))

Fallen Angels can be angels from any rank in the hierarchy who either were expelled from (their home) or who voluntarily left. They look no different than normal angels but their state of being fallen sometimes affects their abilities. Depending on the rank of the angel, an angel may be able to retain all of their powers (like a fallen seraph) or will lose a great deal of power when they fall. It is said that when an angel falls, an interdimensional hole appears in the sky and makes a gong-like sound.

Nephilim are human/angel hybrids and probably have no place here. (Unless we wanna call them mage/angel hybrids? In which case Raz falls under this category)
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Blackwood-Verse Angels
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