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 Oberyn's Kingdom

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??? is one of the many kingdoms in Lamb. It is on the southernmost part of the continent of ???, located thousands of miles from (Alaric's kingdom?) and the North, and has a harsh desert climate. [blah blah blah] Due to these different ethnic, legal, and political factors, the (kingdom's people) are very independently minded, with a stronger sense of "national identity" than many of the other Kingdoms.

??? is ruled from the castle of ??? by Oberyn Nassar. Bastards born in ??? are given the surname Sand. [Something something] inheritance always passes to the eldest child regardless of gender, in contrast to the male-favoring primogeniture practiced elsewhere in Lamb.

(castle city town) is the largest city in (Oberyn's kingdom). It is the center and linchpin of the world's slave trade, and a regular stop on the routes from the Free Cities to the Jade Sea. The city is known for its shops, markets and bazaars. The city is built with multi-colored bricks and is surrounded by tall, solid walls with towers at every corner, though more buildings stretch beyond its wall. The north wall runs along the Skahazadhan, while the west wall runs along the bay. The city has a large harbor located outside the main walls.

In addition, manticores and rocs surround the rough, mountainous terrain, with rocs making their homes up near the peaks of the mountains. (Said kingdom) is famous for its manticores, which are caught and fought for entertainment, and its (breed of horse), which are rumored to be able to run for a day and a night without tiring.


Culture-wise, [stuff.] is known for its avunculates, where the mother's (eldest) brother plays a much bigger part in the raising of a child than the father. This is probably due to more relaxed views on sexual morality the people of (???) have. Since a father can never be 100% certain his children are truly his, it makes sense for the mother's brother to also invest in the children of his sister since they are guaranteed to share some of his DNA through his sister.
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Oberyn's Kingdom
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