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 Prohibition RP Rambles

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Prohibition RP Rambles Empty
PostSubject: Prohibition RP Rambles   Prohibition RP Rambles Empty15/12/16, 01:15 am

"Sometime during the start of the industrial revolution, while humans were busying themselves, prohibition, and such, animals are having their own problems. The streets are wilder than ever, more feral. A fancy mouse has to leave home after a storm to remain safe. But when she returns they are no where to be found. Seeking help from a private detective they trace her parents whereabouts to a mysterious cat who lives and operates out of a illegal tavern." -- Plot summary by the wonderful Pyro.

Okay so, as far as I figure, the kitty cat antagonist/deuteragonist lives in an speakeasy that's run out of a sort of factory that's located in like a train yard or something. (Like one of those 1920s factories, but with a bunch of dead- maybe sometimes used- railways surrounding it? Honestly imagine a chase scene where the cat's trying to get a mouse and these trains come roaring past and nearly kill the animals each time.)

I also imagine he's a slender and orange cat (like I said, I keep imagining him as an Abyssinian. Though I could go somali for something more fluffy and foxlike. Depends how his character works out. Only problem)

I also figure he can easily switch between walking on all four of his paws to two legs. (One for running/quick getaways/around humans, the other for fun. And he's got paws rather than proper hands because cat.)
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Prohibition RP Rambles
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